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  • Getting started icon Getting started
    • How do I open a new account?
    • Can I move my rating from another platform?
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  • Reputation icon Reputation
    • Where can I share my reputation score?
    • Why should I promote my reputation score?
    • What reputation score do I start with?
    • How can I boost my reputation score?
    • How is the reputation score calculated?
    • What are badges and how do I earn them?
    • What is my star rating and why should I care?
    • Can my rating decrease?
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  • Deals icon Deals
    • How do I pay with cryptocurrency?
    • What is a public deal?
    • How do I make a purchase through Monetha?
    • How do I edit an agreement?
    • How do I extend the time limit to accept a deal?
    • What should I do when I commit to buy?
    • How do I create a deal?
    • What is a public deal?
    • How do I import my ad from another platform?
    • How do I edit a deal?
    • How do I add photos to my deal?
    • What should I do once a buyer commits to buy?
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  • My account icon My account
    • Can I change my phone number?
    • Can I add another phone number to my account?
    • I can’t log in.
    • I want to close my account.
    • What is the Monetha wallet?
    • How can I top up my wallet?
    • What are Monetha vouchers?
    • Can I move my tokens into the wallet?
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  • Monetha Protection icon Monetha Protection
    • What is Monetha protection?
    • Who can use Monetha Protection?
    • How can I resolve disputes with the other party?
    • What happens when I open a dispute?
    • I've opened a dispute. Can I change or cancel it?
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  • About Monetha icon About Monetha
    • Why is reputation important?
    • What is Monetha's Reputation Score?
    • Why is it important that the system be decentralized?
    • What is Monetha?
    • Who should use Monetha?
    • How much does it cost to use Monetha?
    • How is Monetha different from other sites with reviews?
    • What is a fake review and how does Monetha solve it?
    • Does Monetha provide fraud protection?
    • Why should I trust Monetha's data?
    • What is blockchain?
    • How does Monetha use blockchain?
    • What is a "smart contract"?
    • What is Ethereum and Ether?
    • Is Monetha a cryptocurrency?
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  • Integrations icon Integrations
    • Preliminary steps
    • WooCommerce integration
    • PrestaShop 1.6 integration
    • PrestaShop 1.7 integration
    • Magento 1.9 integration
    • Magento 2 integration
    • How do I make a test transaction with MetaMask?
    • Add a customized "Buy Now" button
    • API integration
    • Add Monetha's Reputation Widget to your page
    • Set up ERC20 to Ether exchange
    • Set up ether to fiat exchange and withdrawal
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